Residential Water Systems

We offer the following residential water system models.

Mach 2020c

The world’s smallest, most tried and tested, nonelectric, twin tank water softener.

Introducing the latest innovation from Kinetico.The 2020c compact water softener. Small in size. Huge in performance. These are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy with a Kinetico 2020c compact water softener in your home.

Mach 2025s

Non-Electric Operation

There’s nothing to plug in, no buttons to push, timers to set and reset, or adjustments to make.There won’t be an increase in your electric bill. And you won’t have any problems associated with electric components or power outages.

Mach 2030s

Kinetico Advantages

Conditioned Water 24 Hours a Day, Every Day
Simple, Reliable and Economical Operation
Certified Performance
Installation and Service by Trained Water Treatment Professionals

Model 50c

Efficient Hardness Removal. Assures consistent and continuous clean, soft water. Saves money on soaps and cleaners. Protects plumbing and appliances.

Packed Resin Bed. Allows for increased efficiency, conserves regenerant and water.

High Efficiency Resin. Increased performance,higher output.

Extremely Efficient Use Of Water And Regenerant.

Mach 2060s

High Flow Rate. System keeps up with the conditioned water needs of today’s demanding households.

Large Porting Size. Perfectly suited for larger plumbing found in
many homes. Up to 11/2˝.

Effective Iron Removal. Removes soluble iron* from water.

Fresh Resin Zone. Enhances system cleaning and adds a final polish to water. Maintains top performance.

High Quality Resin. Long life, high capacity to assure quality water.

Soft Water, Countercurrent Regeneration. Increases product
efficiency and water quality.


Drinking Water for the whole family

Drinking Water Filters

Drinking water filters are equipped with a monitoring device called MACguard®. MACguard measures the water used and shuts down the system when its filtering capacity is reached. Systems use sanitary quick change cartridges for easy and convenient filter changes. These systems have tested and validated performance.

K2 by Kinetico RO System

K2 by Kinetico® Reverse Osmosis Systems incorporate 50 gpm membranes for production exceeding the needs of most households. The systems use pre and post sanitary quick change cartridges for easy and convenient filter changes. The units have tested and validated performance.

Drinking Water Plus Deluxe System

Kinetico’s Drinking Water Plus Deluxe Reverse Osmosis System features the MACguard® filter shutoff. Systems incorporate our exclusive EverClean® rinse and with a 75 gpm membrane, systems offer one of the highest certified production rates of any residential reverse osmosis system. Optionally, a QuickFlo® storage tank can be specified to maximize daily production and on demand flow capabilities for the compact system.


Hard water is hard on everything


Hardness is the result of dissolved minerals in a water supply, primarily calcium and magnesium. Hardness levels can vary greatly, and higher levels of hardness produce more dramatic and pronounced scaling symptoms.

Symptoms: Scale formation on fixtures, little or no suds from soaps, poor results in laundry, scale accumulation in plumbing and hot water tanks, soap scum deposits. Hardness reduces the life of water using appliances, increases the energy consumed to heat water and reduces the effectiveness of soaps.

Solutions: Kinetico water softeners or combination systems will eliminate hardness and provide continuous soft water on demand without electricity.


Taste is everything

Taste and Odor

Any taste and / or odor in a water supply can make the water objectionable for use. Some common descriptions of tastes and odors include chlorine, metallic, swampy, musty, salty, fishy or rotten eggs.

Description: Any taste and / or odor in a water supply that makes the water objectionable for use. Some common descriptions of tastes and odors include chlorine, metallic, swampy, musty, salty, fishy, rotten eggs.

Symptoms: Tastes and odors can come and go or remain constant, based on the source of the problem.

Solution: Kinetico Drinking Water Systems use prefiltration, reverse osmosis and postfiltration with activated carbon to significantly reduce a wide range of tastes and odors for POU applications.



If your water isn't living up to your standards, change it into soft, working water and delicious, clean drinking water. With Kinetico total home water management, you can have the water you deserve. Depending on your water conditions, one or several pieces of equipment may be necessary to improve your water.

Let the water expert, your authorized Kinetico dealer, recommend the total home quality water system specifically tailored to your individual water source and your needs.

A total home quality water system will solve your water problems, save you money, protect your plumbing and appliances and make your life a whole lot easier. And Kinetico products are backed by the finest warranty in the industry.

Kinetico's highly efficient quality water systems provide you with the water you've always wanted. You'll have all the soft, condi- tioned water and great-tasting drinking water without excess waste. You won't find any other system with all the features and benefits that Kinetico has, or one that is as efficient and effective at improving your water.


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