Industrial Systems

We offer Industrial Systems for the following applications.


Boiler Applications

TI Series

Kinetico’s Industrial RO, the TI Series provides an industrial-built membrane system with production capacities from 10 to 30 gpm. The unit can be specified with either an integrated circuit controller, or a more sophisticated programmable logic controller. All TI Series Systems include permeate flush for maximizing membrane performance.


Water recycling packages are special industrial applications. When a specifying these packages, a factory engineer’s consultation is required.

General Manufacturing

For large manufacturing complexes, an environmental control department has responsibility for heating and cooling. In this area, treated water is required for both boilers and cooling towers. Throughout the facility, water treatment applications can be found in laboratories, lunch rooms and showers. Treated water may also be a requirement as part of the manufacturing process.

Industrial Cleaning and Rinsing

Product cleaning is a part of most manufacturing processes. For any cleaning process, a minimum of soft water is recommended to optimize the use of cleaning chemicals.

Plating and Coatings

With any plating or coating, quality water is a requirement for pretreatment, washing and rinsing. Softening, reverse osmosis and deionization technologies are all common within this type of application.


Car Wash Applications

Wash Water

Water is the most important part of any car wash system. A highly efficient water treatment system can add thousands of dollars to the bottom line of a typical operation. Without proper water treatment, equipment maintenance time and shrinking profit are more the norm. Using treated, softened water for all primary wash functions will reduce the operating costs, through lowered chemical and detergent costs. OEM auto wash manufacturers can appreciation the advantages supplied by our Kinetico systems:

  • Durability/Reliability
    The unit uses water pressure to drive all of its internal processes. This
    provides outstanding durability as there are no electrical components in
    the system, which are subject to corrosion related to the typical
    atmosphere of a auto wash installation.
  • Efficiency
    The trio features of duplex design, clean water regeneration and
    counter-current regeneration, combine to provide regeneration
    efficiencies will reduce salt and water usage by 50% compared to
    similar softeners.

Final Rinse

The final rinse for an car wash was typically handed through the addition of wetting agents. These chemicals were a costly component of the auto wash's operational costs. This rinse stage now uses an RO system to delivery low TDS water to produce the desired spot free effect. All new autowash systems will include this membrane technology as a core component of the wash system. Older systems require upgrades and operations modifications to move to the move efficient RO technology.


Average Flow1
Peak Flow2
Typical Inlet Main
KS 2000
18 GPM
25 GPM
1" Main
KS 4000
36 GPM
50 GPM
1 1/4" Main
KS 6000
52 GPM
75 GPM
1 1/2" Main
KS 8000
74 GPM
100 GPM
2" Main

1 15 psi pressure system loss
2 25 psi pressure system loss

Reverse Osmosis

Daily Flow1
TS 1200
1200 gallons/day
TS 2000
2000 gallons/day
TS 4000
4000 gallons/day
TS 8000
8000 gallons/day

1 Based on 77° F and 500 mg/l TDS


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