Hotels & Motels

We offer following systems for Hotel & Motel applications.

Hot Water

This is our most common application for the Hotel industry. Softening the feed line to the hot water tank will provide many benefits to the hotel

Hot Water Tank

  • Extends tank life, reducing maintenance costs
  • Maintains high efficiency of energy transfer, reducing operating costs


  • Reduces chemical and detergent costs associated with laundry
  • Extends life of sheets and bedding reducing replacement costs
  • Reduces ware on the laundry appliances, extending their life, and minimize capital replacement costs

Central Heating Boilers

  • Reduces chemical costs associated boiler operation
  • Extends equipment life, reducing maintenance costs


Ice Machines

Lime and scale control is the most important element for water using appliances. This is accomplished in different ways depending on the application. Icemakers systems utilize hexametaphosphate to reduce lime and scale build up. This FDA approved material looks like crystals that are either  combined with granular activated carbon in a combination cartridge or in a canister by itself.

(1)- pre-filter to remover sediment, dirt, rust or other large particles in water supply, (1)carbon block to reduce bad taste, odor, and chlorine, (1) phosphate to reduce lime and scale build up


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