Boiler Pretreatment Applications

We offer Boiler Pretreatment Systems for the following applications.

Large, High Recovery Boilers

Where a condensate return system is used, the boiler feed water will be a mixture of incoming make-up water and condensed steam returning to the boiler. This mixing will take place in the condensate return tank. The flow rate of the softener should be sized between the evaporation rate of the boiler and the pumping rate from the condensate tank, allowing for a 10 to 15% blow-down. When a boiler is first brought on line, usually in early morning hours, the demand for steam may be great and the return of condensate very low. This is referred to as “cold start-up”. For this reason the minimum flow rate should equal the maximum evaporation
rate of the boiler.

Small , Medium Recovery Boilers

Feeding unsoftened water to small and medium size boilers causes the formation of the crystalline precipitant Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) and Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3) on the boiler tubes. The precipitant forms an insulation causing higher fuel consumption. By softening, this changes the composition of precipitants to sodium compounds that are easy to blow-down and do not reduce heat transfer. A properly functioning steam boiler will evaporate four gallons of water per hour for each rated horsepower. Water will be fed to a boiler, generally
at twice the rate at which the boiler can evaporate.

Water Softening

Our Non-electric total demand ,fully automatic water softeners give you the best in quality equipment to soften water most efficiently at reduced operating cost. You can place complete confidence in Kinetico. For over 30 years, Kinetico had manufactured softeners used in laundries, hospitals, institutions, schools, hotels, apartments, restaurants, dairies and industrial plants. Each model softener is a non-electric total demand fully automatic water softening system and designed to assure the best in quality and to furnish soft water by the most efficient and economical method known.

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